searchin’ searchin’ for ma bay bee

I was a fan of Amazon’s A9 search engine, until they silently switched from to Micro$oft (greased palm no doubt). Still, it’s amazing how different search tools find and present infomation (rather than searching three times in , try two other engines). Some engines use “clustering” or hierachical key word nodes, while others allow a quick “peek” at the web page, and/or a thumbnail view. Still others enable filtering by document type, or modification date, and even more exotic analysis strategies. After trying many of them, I think the best are Exalead (clustering, thumbnails, doctype and mod date), Findforward (thumbnails, and LOTS of different search tools), KillerInfo (clustering, and peek), and Mozbot (nice interface, thumbnail rollover, keywords, recent files). There are perhaps a hundred search engines out there, but here is a page of my picks.

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