I went into a starbucks and they were playing “Who’s Lovin’ You” by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, which was my number one favorite record when I was a kid, and I said so to the girl at checkout and added that it was the B-side of “Shop Around” (the real hit at the time)…. Continue reading

hk vs prc

People growing up in the PRC have certainly benefitted from high levels of education, quality of life, and fairly wide global information access comparable to non-PRC Chinese environments like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. So it’s perhaps unfair to be judged along class lines. But along with an inexperience with democratic representation, their cultural upbringing… Continue reading

straight & round

Sensei and Noah were with Doshu, preparing for the weekend seminar, reportedly his last in the US, so the evening class was taught by Lewis Sensei. On the mat were white belts Helena and Allan, probably 9 and 15 respectively, along with Nicholas who trained in France, and senseis Stefan from Ontario, Jerke from Germany,… Continue reading