Migrating to a new server (so I can take advantage of the new fetures in and that all require updates to PHP and MySQL), I had my ISP move the contents of muZeo to a tilde directory sandbox.  Works OK, except the .htaccess files were confused.  Then, upgrading wordpress from 1.5 to 2.5: what could go wrong?!  We’ll…I got locked out of the admin interface, probably because of the “url address” for wordpress in the , and due to .htaccess files that didn’t like the tilde, etc.  The upgrade path was bumpy, so I just installed 2.5 from scratch and then used phpMyAdmin to import the data.  Most of the plugins survived the trip, with the exception of updateing to this footnote plugin, and an upgrate to WeatherIcon.  Also, my theme needed a little bolt tightening in the sidebar, and I can now use the simple tags plugin!  I *think* it’s all OK now.  Oh, except most of the image paths (the relative ones) are broken.  I assume that’ll correct itself once the URL is redirected.

Interestingly, Typo3 migrated flawlessly: the installation and the database connections are still tight. (Can’t wait for Flow3!). Let’s see what happens when I upgrade to the latest version.  Stay tuned…

Just to show off, here’s a tag cloud embedded in a post (I wonder if it updates?):

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