This morning after adult class we had one of our periodic dojo cleanups, as usual in the days before a seminar. In addition to about a dozen adult members, there were several children and even a parent or two. Teenage James was climbing like a monkey in the rafters, while others, including some of our… Continue reading


Found out yesterday that someone is now using (’cause I didn’t register it when I could have — heck I remember when we registered the domain was still available and I passed).  So, in a pique of insecurity I ran out to godaddy and laid down some pennies to register a few… Continue reading

reality check

There’s an old throw in aikido, which in daito-ryu-aikijutsu was called gyaku-hijinage, and in modern aikido is known variously as udekimenage, jujinage, or simply a kokyunage variation (what isn’t?), which is often used during randori in response to yokomen or tsuki strikes. Nage moves in close to the side and slightly behind, a cross-hand grab… Continue reading