progress, of a sort

Finally started on content, and got my resume online using R2Net and XEmacs. (I don’t know what I would do without the “one true editor” Thank goodness it runs on both and — I know it also runs on windoze but, as would be expected for a non M$ program, not without problems.) Reminds me that people should almost always use RTF (or, LaTeX, or ascii, or , or…) instead of that damn M$Word. But the major vender has folks mesmerized into thinking that a file format that can only be decoded and read by a single commercial application is somehow a ‘universal standard.’ Go figure.

Installing Gimp2 as we speak(?). Fink completely trashed my X11 (I see complaints about Tiger compatibility), and had to reinstall. The solutions involved using Pacifist to extract the X11User package from the Tiger DVD, and then using DarwinPorts for the reinstall of XEmacs (and now Gimp). Had to download and install a new efs package manually to eliminate the xemacs process errors on package install, then the rest went smoothly. Oh, except it seems that the XEmacs was compiled without mule (a minor irritation), so I may recompile by hand. Finally, it’s important to set $DISPLAY, else Gimp carps about the gui (export DISPLAY=:0.0).

Also, found a bunch of “XDroplets” online which are nice eyecandy icons that launch a slew of X11 applications (if installed), including Gnome and KDE stuff. Ah progress. In a few months my Mac will be almost as nice as my linux box {snicker}.

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