a simple song

This is a simple song,
It’s not too deep, and not too long.

When my mind gets rollin’ like a loaded diesel train,
One sure way to slow it down and keep it somewhat sane
Is a simple song.

This here’s a simple song,
May be right, it may be wrong.

When the earth gets shakin’ and the sky is fallin’ down,
One way to remember what makes the world go ’round
Is a simple song.

This morning the first thing I heard was a song
while laying in my bed.
It was slow and simple and playing on the radio
in my head.

This is a simple song,
Like the wind it’s come and gone.

While you look it over searching for familiar signs,
Like, did it say I love you and if so how many times,
You might see I love you written in-between the lines,
Of a simple song.

Deadwood Revival

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