xemacs redoubt

There are so many little and no-so-little programs out there for Mac that enable one to, say, validate a DTD, perform XSL transforms, or even batch rename some files. For some reason, I often find myself trying them out (the latest candidates were Editix, Oxygen, Renamer4Mac, etc.). At the end of the day, I always… Continue reading

mac emacs

I’m glad that MacOSX is unix-based, but it still hides too much of the guts, making it harder than necessary to accomplish essential technical activities.  My first home computer was a Mac (actually, one of the first off the assembly line, with the signatures of team inside of the case — I recall being a… Continue reading


After simultaneously training in two different affiliations for the past two and a half years, I finally made the leap. Now I’ve gone from a guest in Birankai to becoming a visitor at the Iwama dojo that’s been my home for a decade. It was extremely difficult, and the discussion with Sensei was spiked with… Continue reading

ruby on rails

It’s always the little things. After working through a complete install of rails on Mac OSX Tiger, following the excellent steps on this page, and then creating a test application a la these directions, I still couldn’t get my browser to recognize my application. Yes I would get the “Welcome Aboard” message when connecting to… Continue reading