living walls

Tom really enjoyed all the living walls you find throughout Taipei. Not only did they look great, but they cool the environment, and add moisture and oxygen to the air. And they take up very little space. I don’t even really need a wall just spacers sufficient to hold the pots.    No tags for… Continue reading


First stop after landing at 5:30am with little to no sleep on the 12 hour flight was to head to Wilbeck Coffee, which is my personal world favorite. Kevin roasts the beans in a little copper roaster almost one bean at a time, and the steam milk is a close cousin to whipped cream. Then… Continue reading

startup chime

Lot’s of info online that repeats the same erroneous information, so let’s be clear:

To disable the startup chime on mac os x, including yosemite etc., enter the following on the command line:

sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume=%00

Notice that the volume percent is 00 (and not 80 as keeps being reported).


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Science is yet another fairy tale we tell ourselves, a coral reef of complicities we live within. But it’s testable and reproducible, you argue, with predictable accuracy, unlike metaphysical nonsense. Yes, and those are precisely the definitions required within its consistency; which inestimable value should never be underestimated. But there is room enough for other metaphors, too. Some that are imprecise, and mystical. Vaguely pointing to realizations that, on fortunate occasions, can break the pen.

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