Started redesigning the muzeo website, using a home page based on the Mediamatic front-end. Back when they were publishing in paper I was an avid subscriber to their magazine, which began including and was finally eclipsed by a CD. Their archives are fascinating. For Museo I thought I’d bring together a number of my old… Continue reading

a shodan essay

I remember George Leonard as tall, kind, and extremely sweaty. My hands would always slip off his thick wrists as we practiced, him with a tattered brown belt, and me an enthusiastic 4th kyu. He usually trained under another sensei in our dojo, but started showing up at my sensei’s classes in preparation for his… Continue reading

a fine beginning

Always wondered how it would happen, and today it was a phone call from Jason’s wife, 38 years later. Slightly awkward but direct enough to lay the foundation for a meeting in two weeks time. I felt the daze of inevitability and implication; washes of guilt and wonderment. Child of my body but stranger to… Continue reading