CSS Zen Garden is a site that uses only CSS to change the layout of the page. Click on the various css links and watch the design change. And no, Dorothy, those aren’t different pages. Now, the designs are a bit busy for my taste (as opposed to many more minimal WordPress Themes, but I… Continue reading


It’s pretty cool what some folks are able to do with just javascript (no flash required). Check out lightbox.js and click on an image. At the other end of the scale, it’s amazing what some folks can do with plain css (no javascript required). Check out the famous Suckerfish dropdowns, or the revamped multi-hierarchical Son… Continue reading


Started redesigning the muzeo website, using a home page based on the Mediamatic front-end. Back when they were publishing in paper I was an avid subscriber to their magazine, which began including and was finally eclipsed by a CD. Their archives are fascinating. For Museo I thought I’d bring together a number of my old… Continue reading