The newest kid on the block, and the avatar of every previous age (roughly sixty and counting), is Robot. He’s currently spraying perfume on his tonsils and chirping “me-me-me!” But soon, my fiends, very soon, you will become uncomfortably acquainted with his cornered sidekick broom. Join the adventure! Tags: robot

searchin’ searchin’ for ma bay bee

I was a fan of Amazon’s A9 search engine, until they silently switched from Google to Micro$oft (greased palm no doubt). Still, it’s amazing how different search tools find and present infomation (rather than searching three times in Google, try two other engines). Some engines use “clustering” or hierachical key word nodes, while others allow… Continue reading

ruby on rails

It’s always the little things. After working through a complete install of rails on Mac OSX Tiger, following the excellent steps on this page, and then creating a test application a la these directions, I still couldn’t get my browser to recognize my application. Yes I would get the “Welcome Aboard” message when connecting to… Continue reading

snail (friend of boy’s surface)

Christopher and I were discussing the intersection of surface topology (we both preferred the left as puffier) and inflationary cosmology (based on the recent results from WMAP). CR felt this further undermined the “universe as white hole” approach, comparing it to nested russian dolls. I suggested it was more like Boy’s surface, which got us… Continue reading