half calico

The first time The Maytals came to San Francisco to play, Toots wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the local weed, so someone arranged to smuggle some in from Jamaica before the concert the following night. No tags for this post.

audio test

Got a taste of my nephew Coleman’s latest composition “The Dopest” on his Crocigator myspace blog.  Kids nowadays — I’ve been running Live, Digital Performer, and Komplete (especially Kontakt!) for seems like ages now and these old grey cells are only humbled by the sysiphean transition from imagination to reality. Meanwhile, here are are few examples of… Continue reading

music to the heart

Heard a song entitled “Why I Do These Foolish Things” by the Magicians (Villa Records, 1964), a local Bay Area band, which strongly brought back the same exotic attraction I experienced when listening to the Miracles “Who’s Loving You” (the B-side of “Shop Around”) back in high school (or was it 8th grade). I listened… Continue reading