Found out yesterday that someone is now using (’cause I didn’t register it when I could have — heck I remember when we registered the domain was still available and I passed).  So, in a pique of insecurity I ran out to godaddy and laid down some pennies to register a few… Continue reading

mac emacs

I’m glad that MacOSX is unix-based, but it still hides too much of the guts, making it harder than necessary to accomplish essential technical activities.  My first home computer was a Mac (actually, one of the first off the assembly line, with the signatures of team inside of the case — I recall being a… Continue reading


Behind the Hongwanji Buddhist Temple in Lihue, Kauai, is the dojo for the Lihui Aiki Kai. I showed up without a dogi and after a short conversation was offered a clean used one for that night’s training. The class, attended by eight mudansha at all levels of experience, was taught by the daisempai and focused… Continue reading


For summer vacation (and a *zero birthday) we spent a week on the Big Island, followed by a week on Kauai. The former was quite interesting: staying in the tatami room at the family-owned Manago Hotel, followed by a beautiful chalet in the rainforest outside Volcano park, and culminating with a day in Hilo and… Continue reading

buckeye ’07

East toward Bridgeport, then several miles up Buckeye road (washboard dirt), to our campsite by the big granite boulder. Hike on the second day to Big Meadow up Buckeye canyon beneath towering peaks and surrounded intermittently by bulls. The next day to Twin Lakes, and not a nibble. Finally to fishing Buckeye Creek, lowest level… Continue reading