This morning after adult class we had one of our periodic dojo cleanups, as usual in the days before a seminar. In addition to about a dozen adult members, there were several children and even a parent or two. Teenage James was climbing like a monkey in the rafters, while others, including some of our… Continue reading


Migrating to a new server (so I can take advantage of the new fetures in WordPress and Typo3 that all require updates to PHP and MySQL), I had my ISP move the contents of muZeo to a tilde directory sandbox.  Works OK, except the .htaccess files were confused.  Then, upgrading wordpress from 1.5 to 2.5:… Continue reading


CSS Zen Garden is a site that uses only CSS to change the layout of the page. Click on the various css links and watch the design change. And no, Dorothy, those aren’t different pages. Now, the designs are a bit busy for my taste (as opposed to many more minimal WordPress Themes, but I… Continue reading