Science is yet another fairy tale we tell ourselves, a coral reef of complicities we live within. But it’s testable and reproducible, you argue, with predictable accuracy, unlike metaphysical nonsense. Yes, and those are precisely the definitions required within its consistency; which inestimable value should never be underestimated. But there is room enough for other metaphors, too. Some that are imprecise, and mystical. Vaguely pointing to realizations that, on fortunate occasions, can break the pen.

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little buddha

Tonite I said to Sean “Buddy, know what makes me smile? That you dislike poetry and philosophy, and never fail to tell me so, but still you listen politely to the end before complaining.” “Daddy,” he replied somewhat facetiously, “that's the little buddha in me.” No tags for this post.


Neitzsche realized that all code is untethered, and it drove him mad (the option of floating in the void not being part of his calculus). But even that aphelion is neither an apex nor a release from the wheel, as both Goethe and various bodhisattvas differently understood. The point is to return to belief, chosen… Continue reading


The idea that there's both a conscious mind and an unconscious mind is a misconception brought about by language. There is what we call the conscious mind that generally emerges from the social practice of inner dialog: internal speech and signing that we metaphorically attribute to thinking. And there is also the vast spectrum of… Continue reading


This morning after adult class we had one of our periodic dojo cleanups, as usual in the days before a seminar. In addition to about a dozen adult members, there were several children and even a parent or two. Teenage James was climbing like a monkey in the rafters, while others, including some of our… Continue reading