果然, guǒrán – really, as expected, sure enough, indeed Khiunn1 = accent in taiwanese 教 – jiào as noun, jiāo as verb 外交 – wàijiāo, diplomat 外教 – wàijiào, foreign teacher 數 – shù, number (noun) ; shǔ, count (verb)   Bu yong xie, yingai de! Suibian ni, is polite, but suibian ni haole is… Continue reading

Expressions (test)

風調雨順百花開、猴年亨通好彩頭。 fēngtiáoyǔshùn bǎi huā kāi、 hóu nián hēngtōng hǎocǎitóu。 May we have good rain and wind and may all the flowers blossom. May the year of the monkey go smoothly and be full of good omens. 恭喜大家過猴年、快樂逍遙樂神仙。 gōngxǐ dàjiā guò hóu nián、 kuàilè xiāoyáo lè shénxiān。 Wishing everyone a wonderful year of the monkey. May… Continue reading


Pai2 Sei3: buhaoyisz (sorry, in Taiwanese) 低.- dī : low, below, hang down 底.- dǐ : bottom, base, root, foundation 地.- dì : earth, floor, site, place 地 – de : grammar (variant pronunciation of -dì) (forming an adverb from an adjectiv, e.g., gāoxìng 高興/高兴 “happy” + de 地 yields gāoxìngde 高興地/高兴地 “happily”) 性格 –… Continue reading


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forms of life

HERE I am, an old man in a dry month, Being read to by a boy, waiting for rain. Introduced to Prufrock in HS, the particular kymatics of that frequency got ossified into my scafolding early on, becoming something comforting and resonant in my assumption of the way things should be, what poetry should feel… Continue reading