palace museum

In November I got an invitation to teach a one-week workshop at the Palace Museum on two diverse subjects: solubility parameters and anoxia.  We decided that the Christmas holiday would be a good fit with Sean’s school and our other work schedules, and Fall is usually nice weather in Taiwan (and that turned out to be true enough: sitting around… Continue reading


Sean’s become more and more interested in fencing ever since he took a few classes with Piedmont Park and Rec last summer. He’s now an enthusiastic student of Maestro Harold Hayes at the Pacific Fencing Club in Alameda. I enjoy going after work to admire Maestro Hayes’ teaching style, imagining how it might translate to… Continue reading


Sean’s name came from the fact that for generations the firstborn male was named John (even though Jason theoretically holds that position), and someone had to break that tired tradition — not by petulance, but rather a return to Irish roots. Another reason is that ‘Sean’ also has a Chinese homophone, meaning ‘kind.’ (Hence, Bo… Continue reading