palace museum

In November I got an invitation to teach a one-week workshop at the Palace Museum on two diverse subjects: solubility parameters and anoxia.  We decided that the Christmas holiday would be a good fit with Sean’s school and our other work schedules, and Fall is usually nice weather in Taiwan (and that turned out to be true enough: sitting around… Continue reading


Found out yesterday that someone is now using (’cause I didn’t register it when I could have — heck I remember when we registered the domain was still available and I passed).  So, in a pique of insecurity I ran out to godaddy and laid down some pennies to register a few… Continue reading


On a random search for some of my online references, I came across this page from the EHP journal which has (one screen up from the bottom of the page) a picture I snapped here in the lab and sent to somebody, I guess, ’cause there it is. The blurb mentions “two California museums” which,… Continue reading