buckeye ’07

East toward Bridgeport, then several miles up Buckeye road (washboard dirt), to our campsite by the big granite boulder. Hike on the second day to Big Meadow up Buckeye canyon beneath towering peaks and surrounded intermittently by bulls. The next day to Twin Lakes, and not a nibble. Finally to fishing Buckeye Creek, lowest level… Continue reading


Now scaling the immense crags of Typo3.  Fell into a few cravases already, and keep finding myself back at the base camp, usually soon after a particularly stupendous panorama. Tags: camp, typo3


There are different flavors of aikido, usually representative of O-Sensei’s teaching at the time the branch fiirst sprouted from the tree. The early forms, such as Yoshinkai and Shodokan, and some of the later forms like Ki Aikido, have their own separate organizations. Yet even the main branch, the Aikikai Foundation (Aikido World Headquarters), has… Continue reading