Juran, unexpectedly, to,one’s surprise

顯然 – xiǎnrán : obviously, evidently, plainly, clearly, manifestly

既然 – jìrán, since, now that

幾乎 – jīhū: almost, nearly, practically, virtually, close to

偶然 – ǒurán, by chance, fortuitously, accidentally

必然 – bìrán : inevitable, necessary, necessity, certain, certainly

畢竟- bìjìng: after all, in the final analysis, when all is said and done

到底.- dàodǐ : after all, at (long) last, in the end; (in questions, trying to get to the bottom of sth); (what/who/etc.) on earth?

說不定 – shuōbudìng : maybe, perhaps, probably

照樣.- zhàoyàng : just the same, as ever, as before; (do sth) after a certain pattern or model

總之 – zǒngzhī : in short, in sum, in a word; in any case, in any event, at any rate, anyway, ok the bottom line…

反正 – fǎnzheng : in any case, anyhow, anyway

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