This morning after adult class we had one of our periodic dojo cleanups, as usual in the days before a seminar. In addition to about a dozen adult members, there were several children and even a parent or two. Teenage James was climbing like a monkey in the rafters, while others, including some of our… Continue reading


Behind the Hongwanji Buddhist Temple in Lihue, Kauai, is the dojo for the Lihui Aiki Kai. I showed up without a dogi and after a short conversation was offered a clean used one for that night’s training. The class, attended by eight mudansha at all levels of experience, was taught by the daisempai and focused… Continue reading


Recently there was an online discussion 1 about how “real” an aikido demonstration might have been 2, and/or how much might have been choreographed.  That discussion was so fundamentally interesting that I wanted to archive the main posts here… Tags: aikido, darmabum, dojo